Welcome back! 2018 is here!!

I hope you each had a wonderful Christmas break and are ready to start the new year running!  Often parents ask, “What can we be working on at home to support our child’s learning?”  Here’s a few things we’ve been working on at school for you to reinforce at home:

  • Recognizing the following letters and the sounds they make: Ee, Ff, Ll, Hh, Tt, Ii, Cc, Oo, and Qq.
  • READING out loud to your child and recording all books in their logs. (This allows us to celebrate your work in school.  We do appreciate all you do!)
  • Counting to 20 and recognizing those numbers.
  • Making sets. (Counting out five spoons; making a group of 12 toothpicks)
  • Playing Rhyming games in the car. (“If I say star, you say _____”; child answers “car!”  “Let’s think of all the words we can that sound like ball.)


In pre-k the growth a student makes in all areas is amazing.  Each day is a new day!  It is a privilege to work with each of your children!!  I can’t wait to see all they accomplish!