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Hi! My name is Amanda Lastly, and I have been teaching for 36 years! My whole teaching career has been here at Burnet CISD. I attended Abilene Christian University and received my teaching degree in general education and special education. I have been married for 33 years and have two grown children.  My daughter, S. Lastly, is teaching kindergarten at Shady Grove Elementary, too.  Teaching little ones is my passion. I love to see the growth they make in reading and's amazing!!!  I enjoy working in my flower garden, reading, and taking walks.  I love candles and hand soaps at Bath and Body Works and eating at Chick-fil-A and Olive Garden.  I shop a lot on Amazon.  I am looking forward to this new school year. We are going to do AMAZING things...I CAN'T WAIT!
Shady Grove Campus START/STOP TIMES:       
7:15-7:40 Breakfast in Cafeteria (FREE)
7:40 Instruction Begins
7:45 Tardy Bell - Students NOT in the classroom will be counted TARDY
9:00 Daily Attendance Bell- Students NOT in the classroom will be counted ABSENT
3:25 Dismissal Begins
 Lastly's Learners Schedule:
7:15-7:40 Breakfast
7:40-7:50 Announcements
7:50-8:10 Handwriting Without Tears 
8:10--8:45 Writer's Workshop
8:55-9:20 Recess
9:20-10:45 Language Arts/Reading  
10:45--11:15 Lunch
11:15-12:20 Math
12:20-12:40 Recess
12:40-1:25 PAW TIME
1:30-2:20 Activity Time
2:20-2:55 Science/Social Studies
3:00-3:20 Closing
Reading Homework
Every night your child will bring home two or more books to read for homework. I hope that together you and your child will read and talk about the books in 3 different ways:
*Your child may tell or make up the story by "reading" the pictures. Talking about what he/she sees in the pictures develops important language and pre-reading skills.
*If your child is ready, he/she may read the words. In kindergarten this mostly means matching the first letter sound with a word that matches the picture. (We do not ask beginning readers to "sound out" words. That comes later.)
*You may read books to your child. Parents reading to their children is one of the most powerful things in the world for creating successful readers.
What we are learning this week!
1. Writing our 1st name with a capital letter and all other letters lowercase
2. Recognizing letters and producing the correct sounds
3. Alliteration
4. Knowing the difference between a letter and a word
5. Recognizing numbers from 0-10
6. Counting orally to 60
7. Touching each block as the student counts (one-to-one correspondence)
8. One more/One less of a given number   ex. one less than 9 is 8; one more than 9 is 10
9. Comparing numbers using greater/smaller  ex. 7 is greater than 4; 4 is smaller than 7
  • My conference is Mon.-Fri. from 1:30-2:20. This is the best time to contact me.
  • You can reach me at 512-756-2126 (Ext. 7803) or