Shady Grove Elementary

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Shady Grove Elementary:
Where Spirit, Pride and Honor

Mrs. Sullivan & Mrs. Briseno welcome you to Shady Grove Elementary!

Chocolate Sales are rolling!  Who's going to kiss the pig?!

Mrs. McBurnett's class: Kinder fun with finger puppets!

100 Days of school really ages Mrs. Lastly's Learners!

More 100 Day Celebration!

Great job earning medals for your READING STEPS in ARC!

Kinder students earning their reading medals!

Mrs. Guenter's class.....future gardeners ~ learn about growing plants!

Mrs. Gaertner's PreK class....learning to build, cooperate and share!

Mrs. Cunningham's Class LOVES Mrs. Crumley's help!

PreK learns to count to 100! Way to go Mrs. Cunningham's class!

The coveted GOLDEN SPATULA award - for good cafeteria behavior! 

Yea Mrs. Fucik's class!!!

Mrs. Herrin's class has FUN learning!

Mrs. Jones' ART classes - self portraits, some Picasso style!

Shady Grove Elementary artists 
Burnet County Commissioners’ Court

First Graders celebrating Valentine's Day!

Latest News

Scholastic BOGO Book Fair: February 26 - March 2 Thumbnail Image

Scholastic BOGO Book Fair: February 26 - March 2

Come join us for our BOGO book fair! Family Night is on TUESDAY this year, February 27, in conjunction with our Math/ Science Night & Art Gallery (both run 6-7pm). Read here for days/times of book fair.
We are proud to announce SGE's Educator of the Year - Caitlyn Guenter! Thumbnail Image

We are proud to announce SGE's Educator of the Year - Caitlyn Guenter!

Mrs. Guenter goes above and beyond to truly make a difference in the lives of her 2nd grade students. She has been an integral part of the school for five years. She advocates for all students and inspires them to learn and strive for excellence. In the classroom, she finds creative ways to teach while staying up to date with best practices and current educational trends. She is an amazing educator whose passion for teaching is evident in the way she makes learning fun and a positive experience. She has the admiration and respect of her colleagues and is loved by her students and parents for her dedication and heart. Congratulations Mrs. Guenter!
Traffic Flow and Safety Reminders Thumbnail Image

Traffic Flow and Safety Reminders

After our first year at Shady Grove Elementary, we have changes in the pick up traffic pattern. Please reference map. Morning drop-off remains the same.
We Are AVID! Thumbnail Image

We Are AVID!

We are A.V.I.D.! (Advancement Via Individual Determination) In an attempt to introduce students to the concept of furthering their education, we are promoting and encouraging COLLEGE SHIRTS every WEDNESDAY !
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Gems of Appreciation

Mrs. Cunningham - January GEM of Appreciation! Thumbnail Image

Mrs. Cunningham - January GEM of Appreciation!

Shady Grove Elementary is proud to announce our January Gem of Appreciation, Mrs. Barbie Cunningham! Barbie has been the perfect addition to our team at SGE. She has shown incredible initiative and dedication to not only her Pre-K students, but to her team and our campus. It feels like she has always been a part of the SGE family. She collaborates with her team, shares her thoughts, and always goes above and beyond. She is caring and consistent with all her students. She is a fantastic asset to SGE and an incredible educator! Congratulations, Barbie Cunningham!
Mrs. Johnson - Our November GEM of Appreciation! Thumbnail Image

Mrs. Johnson - Our November GEM of Appreciation!

Melissa is our school counselor and so much more. "She always goes the extra mile by doing lots of behind the scenes work!" She does everything from serving as a SST coordinator, to whole group and individual counseling lessons, as well as being the official SGE school decorator! She definitely brightens the place up while keeping us all organized! She is loved by students, staff, and parents. Congratulations Melissa Johnson!
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