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Shady Grove Elementary:
Where Spirit, Pride and Honor

Mrs. Briseno and Mrs. Smith welcome you!

Shady Grove staff welcomes you! It's going to be a great year groovin' at 'The Grove'!

Culture Day for 2nd Grade!

Second Graders working and learning about different cultures

Learning how to hold chopsticks can be a challenge!

Kinder learned about dinosaurs!

Yee-haw! Ms. S. Lastly's class celebrates Rodeo Days!

Nothing like a good old-fashion sack race!

Rodeo days for Kinder....and lunch break!

PreK using problem solving and teamwork to put together dinosaur puzzles

Recording our measurements in our Paleontologist Logs!

PreK building w/ blocks and dinos to match the ORDINAL word....first, second, third....

Our Reading Stars wall is GROWING! 

Gearing up for our new Spring Break Bubble Gum Reading Challenge! 

Each student who returns their paper completed and signed will receive a piece of bubble gum!

We're proud of our Lady Dawg Basketball team; Ms. S. Lastly's Lady Dawg fans! 

Congratulations to AMANDA LASTLY, Shady Grove's Educator of the Year!

First Grade Program was a big hit, thanks to our music teacher, Amber Jones!

Bestie 'chick' friends at the First Grade program!

Our Spring Book Fair was a HUGE success! Thanks to our awesome PTO officers, parents and grandparents who volunteered!

Our Watch Dog Dads truly make a difference! Thank you for volunteering, Mr. Behrens!

Latest News

The Bulldog Pup Review - March 2019 Thumbnail Image

The Bulldog Pup Review - March 2019

Read PTO's latest newsletter! Students can participate in a "search and find" contest to enter a drawing for a FREE Dr. Seuss book; winner announced March 18th!
Pre-K and Kinder Round-Up April 23rd! Thumbnail Image

Pre-K and Kinder Round-Up April 23rd!

Pre-K & Kinder Round-Up for future Shady Grove students will be here soon! Registration will be held April 23rd during the hours of 9:00am-1:00pm and 4-6pm at Shady Grove Elementary. Click on the above link for more info.
100 Day Parade a HUGE success! Thumbnail Image

100 Day Parade a HUGE success!

The 100th Day of School is always a milestone for our kinder students here at Shady Grove because we’ve been reading and writing for 100 days! We celebrate the entire day with nonstop 100th day of school activities. That means a day full of fun that includes lots of counting, dressing up to be 100 years old, eating Cheerios and building structures with 100 items. The highlight is when Zero Hero visits our classroom and counts by 10's with us! We end the 100th Day with a BIG parade around the school. Everyone, including parents and students, are cheering us on as we pull our decorated floats. We even get to march outside through the Bulldog tunnel! It can't get any better than that! The 100th Day of school is a memorable day that continues to be an annual tradition in kindergarten at Shady Grove Elementary!
Update on our MLK Day of Service Thumbnail Image

Update on our MLK Day of Service

Each grade-level team had a service project planned to help our young students understand the purpose of honoring Martin Luther King Day: At Shady Grove our students focused on serving others in a variety of ways, including using kind words through hand written letters and physical acts of service! Our Pre-K and Kindergarten students focused on writing letters to local assisted living and nursing homes to be delivered in January and February. Our First Grade students started a canned food drive to support local families, and our Second Grade students worked hard weeding and planting in our campus garden in order to provide fresh vegetables in the Spring to LACare here in Burnet.
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Gems of Appreciation

Amalia Patterson - Our January GEM! Thumbnail Image

Amalia Patterson - Our January GEM!

Congratulations to Amalia Patterson! Amalia is en excellent example of how building strong relationships with students makes a BIG difference. She actively advocates for her student and their needs, and is a true team player not only on her team but on our campus. Thank you Amalia for your dedication to your students and our campus! We appreciate you!
Alvicia Longoria - Our November GEM of Appreciation! Thumbnail Image

Alvicia Longoria - Our November GEM of Appreciation!

We are proud to announce Shady Grove's newest GEM, Alvicia Longoria. Alvicia is a valued member of our PPCD team. Her experience and knowledge in the PPCD classroom continues to provide our littlest learners with quality support and guidance. Her coworkers say that they are thankful for her positive energy and solid example. Congratulations Alvicia!
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