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Principal's Message


Shady Grove Families,



The 2019-2020 school year is quickly approaching, and I look forward to all of the learning and growing that will take place this year!  Here at Shady Grove we highly value the partnership we have with our students and families. We want you to feel welcome, and get involved!  I’d like to share a few important processes that you should be aware of for this new school year. Some will be familiar reminders and others will be new, but they all have one thing in common: student safety!




If you’re interested in volunteering at Shady Grove, here are a few ways to get involved:  attending field trips, being a classroom parent or a PTO volunteer, reading with students, joining Watch D.O.G.S. (for dads), or helping with gardening.  


In order to volunteer, you will need to apply to be an “approved volunteer” with the district.  To do this, please visit our district web page, click on “community” at the top of the page, then “volunteers” and fill out the Burnet CISD Volunteer Application (or click on the link below).  It will not take long to fill out the form, but it may take up to two weeks to process, so I recommend applying as soon as possible to make sure you are approved and ready for the upcoming school year!


Burnet CISD Volunteer Application



Car Rider Procedures & Parking Lot Renovation  

One of the most important new procedures I’d like to outline for the year will be our car rider dismissal process.  As some of you may have seen on Facebook, BCISD is rolling out Car Rider Pro, a new automated student pickup system at elementary schools.  The primary purpose of initiating this system is to help ensure the safety of all of our students, with the added bonus of helping to speed up our dismissal time.  There will be electronic “readers” outside of our car rider lanes that will automatically scan one of two hanging car tags your family will receive. We will have information and tags available at Meet the Teacher night on August 15th (4:00-6:00).  Here at Shady Grove, this system will be implemented after school is already underway for a very important, much anticipated reason. Our parking lot will soon be in the process of being renovated! Although the construction will occur while school is in session, it should not impede our regular traffic flow.  Once the parking lot is complete, it will give us an additional 60 parking spaces, and the flow of the parking lot will allow for visitors to park and exit without getting blocked in by the afternoon car rider lines. This is such an exciting addition to our campus!


Here’s what you should expect between now and the completion of construction:  In addition to the hanging car tags you will receive, you will also receive two cardstock car tags to place in your front window.  We will use the same process as last year. You must have the car tag (assigned by our campus) displayed in your window to pick your students up in the rider line.  If you do not have the appropriate assigned tag, you will be asked to park and come in with your ID to check out your student. Again, we do this with fidelity to help ensure student safety.  So if you don’t have your assigned tag and are asked to park and come in to check out your student, please respectfully comply with our process with the understanding that safety is our top priority. 


The final bit of information I want to share is the change of lanes for specific grade levels.  We want to help make the transition in our dismissal process as easy on our students as possible.  Because of this, the PreK & Kinder pickup line will now be the right lane, and the First & Second Grade lines will be the left lanes.  This allows for all students to line up in the building at the end of their hallways to exit. PreK & Kinder will be called to exit out of the front doors, and First & Second will exit out the side door at the end of the Second Grade hallway to meet parents along the side walkway.  We will have signs posted to assist you in the first days of school.



Additional Security with Front Entrance

In addition to the parking-lot changes, we will also be renovating our front entry.  To increase campus security, we will be adding a check-in window next to the entrance to our office.  You will use this window anytime you are here on campus for checking in or checking out, volunteering or other various campus related needs.  This will allow our office area to remain secure, decreasing the points of entry into our main building. Because of this, we will use the front entry as a seating/waiting area for you to use when here on campus. 


If you are entering the main building, you will be asked for your driver's license each time you sign in.  Having your ID scanned before entry is a district wide policy, so be sure to have it with you anytime you visit a campus here in BCISD.



Transportation Changes & Dismissal

If for some reason you need to make a change in how your child goes home on a certain day, you should not call our campus office.  Instead, you will go online to request that change. Requests will not be processed after 1:30pm, so please make sure you email as soon as you know the change is needed.  To make this change in transportation, you will go to the district webpage. Go to “Departments”, click on “Transportation”, then “Transportation To Home Change Request” and select the campus you are notifying.  The change request link for Shady Grove is attached below. Your request will then be submitted to our office and will be delivered to the appropriate teacher. Again, this system has been put in place in an effort to ensure students are safe and accounted for.



Start/Stop Times and Attendance


  • Campus doors open at 7:15.
  • Breakfast for all students wraps up at 7:40.
  • Classroom doors open at 7:40 (bell).
  • Instruction starts at 7:45.
  • All students not in the classroom at 7:50 (bell) will be counted tardy.
  • The attendance bell will ring at 9:00.  After 9:00 students who are not present will be counted as absent.
  • The school day ends at 3:15.
We appreciate your patience, cooperation and flexibility as we get our new school year going! Feel free to contact us (756-2126), or your child's classroom teacher if you have any questions about these processes.
I look forward to continuing to build relationships with each of you this year as we partner together to see our students succeed!






Tasha Briseño



Shady Grove Elementary