Shady Grove Elementary

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Traffic Flow and Safety Reminders

Parents dropping off or picking up students at Shady Grove Elementary will enter the west entrance lane off of Shady Grove Road. Traffic will form two lines and proceed through the Shady Grove drive until it reaches the drive in front of the building. At that time, traffic will narrow to one lane where students will then be unloaded or loaded into vehicles. Vehicles will then proceed out the east exit lane back onto Shady Grove Road.

Buses will utilize the bus lane off of Harvey Avenue. This area is restricted to bus traffic only. The District is recommending that if a parent has students at Shady Grove Elementary and RJ Richey Elementary that they drop off or pick up first at Shady Grove Elementary. That will allow them to then make a right turn into RJ Richey Elementary. As a reminder, traffic leaving RJ Richey Elementary will be required to turn right out of the parking lot. Campuses will be available to answer additional questions at upcoming Meet the Teacher Events.