Shady Grove Elementary

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Art » Ms. Roger's Art Class

Ms. Roger's Art Class

In Ms. Rogers’ art class students have been learning about color theory, landscape painting. and fashion design.


Pre-K will be learning about the color wheel and use it to create a painting of the rainbow.


Kindergarten is reading the story “Mouse Paint” by Ellen Stoll. They learn about the three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) and how to combine two of these colors to create secondary colors (orange, green, purple).  Students practice mixing colors using acrylic paint then create their own mouse painting.


First grade is also learning about color theory. They are mixing primary colors to make secondary colors then create a painting of someone standing in the rain holding a colorful umbrella. The umbrella becomes the color wheel.


Second grade is beginning their Fashion Design unit. Students are introduced to using a “croquis” as a template for the body. A croquis allows students to focus on the clothing they design instead of worrying about the proportions of the body. They will also learn about the history of fashion, the functionality vs. style of clothing, and terminology for parts of garments. Each student will create their own line of designs in their sketchbook. Second grade will host a Fashion Show at the end of March. Details coming soon.