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Lori Holliday

We have had a great first semester and are working hard on all of our kindergarten skills.  We read and write and work on our math skills every day!  With all of the books that we are reading we are trying to learn as many Power Words as we can to help make reading easier and more enjoyable.  The books are fantastic and fun to read and we are learning new things every day. 

As the year is flying by I hope that you are seeing all the fantastic things that your child is doing each day and are as amazed as I am at how much they have accomplished.  It is a wonder to watch them each day and so much fun to see them light up when they master something new and they are eager to share what they have learned!  
If you ever have questions or just want to meet to see how your student is doing, just let me know and we will set up a time for you.  I am always glad to share and talk about my little friends!
Our first semester has gone by very quickly and we have had many fun activities.   We learned about Fire Safety and watched a skit at the middle school, did all kinds of fun math and science activities with Pumpkin Math and Sang and danced our hearts out at the Pow Wow followed by our big Thanksgiving feast in the hall with all of our kindergarten friends.  Then we finished off the semester with a great Christmas Party with yummy food and fun activities.  
Now we have some exciting things for parents to be watching for that we will be doing second semester.  We have a 100 Day Parade that you can come and see.  We dress up like we are 100 years old and make a float to pull in the parade.  It is lots of fun and we do many activities with numbers to 100.  Save your shoe boxes so we can transform them into our fabulous floats to help celebrate that we are 100 days smarter!
We will be having a Math and Science night that is always loads of fun and many more fun activities to explore with our friends.  There will be learning and fun with rotations and you can choose which activities you and your family want to enjoy together!
In the spring we have a field trip and will be off on a great adventure!  It will be fun way to have a day of learning and get to have a picnic lunch with our friends.  When we return we will write about out favorite part of the trip and tell some of the fun things that we saw and learned.
As our school year moves quickly by and we continue to learn so many new things, we hope that you will enjoy hearing about the things we are working on, the goals that we are achieving and the fun things that we are learning as we grow and change before your very eyes!
Notes from class
A trip to the Burnet Fire Station
Pumpkin Math
Story book characters- Fall Rotations
Reading with friends!
Thanksgiving Feast
Christmas Party
Conference times-
Keep working on those power words.  We have some friends have mastered more than 50 words!! Way to go!  Every word helps make reading a little easier and more fun too!