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Shady Grove Elementary Volunteer of the Year - Vicinta Stafford!

Vicinta goes above and beyond with her time and energy, and is always willing to step up to help accomplish a goal or job that needs to be done.  We are beyond grateful for her time and energy, and are so proud to have her as our campus volunteer of the year at Shady Grove! (Click on the headline above to read more)

Instructional Partner of the Year - Mary Castillo!

Shady Grove Elementary is proud to introduce our Instructional Partner of the Year, Mary Castillo! Mary is our campus' Bilingual IP, but she also sees much of our campus each day. Mary greets students each morning with a smile (and often a hug) during morning duty at the front entrance. She takes her positive attitude everywhere she goes, and is always willing to step in and help out wherever she is needed. We are thankful to have her here with us at SGE!
Congratulations Mary!

Shady Grove's Educator of the Year Award: Amanda Lastly!

Shady Grove is proud to announce that Amanda Lastly is our 2018-19 Educator of the Year. Amanda has a helpful and supportive attitude that is contagious! As a team leader she works to problem solve to the benefit of everyone involved, and works hard to bring fun, excitement and love to her classroom and her students’ learning. She goes out of her way to show that she sees her class as a family, Lastly's Learners. In her 34 years as an educator, her fun and family approach to teaching has no doubt had a positive impact on her students and their families, but on all those she works with as well.
Congratulations Amanda! 💚

Welcome Back!

Campus doors open at 7:20.
● Breakfast for all students wraps up at 7:45.
● Classroom doors open at 7:45 (bell).
● Instruction starts at 7:50.

Please Read: Changes in Transportation and requests

This year, all transportation changes MUST be submitted no later than 1:30 pm the same day. We will also be using a new procedure for parents to request how a student is getting home – bus to car, car to bus, walker. See the attached flyer with details.

We Are AVID!

We are A.V.I.D.! (Advancement Via Individual Determination)
In an attempt to introduce students to the concept of furthering their education, we are promoting and encouraging COLLEGE SHIRTS every WEDNESDAY !
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