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Gems of Appreciation

Melanie VanDer Stoep - September's GEM!

Congratulations to Melanie VanDer Stoep, Shady Grove's September GEM!
Melanie has been with us less than a year, but in that short time she has worked to do her job as our campus registrar with kindness, patience and diligence. She has received several compliments from parents who worked with her to enroll their children at the start of this year. Each one shared how they appreciated the time she took in explaining the process and helping them to feel welcome.
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Amber Jones - Our March GEM!

We are proud to announce our March GEM, Amber Jones!
The time and effort Amber has put towards our music programs has been so appreciated, and her excitement and love for what she does is noticeable. The community (parents, staff and students) have thoroughly enjoyed seeing our students' love for music through performance. Music/theatre has allowed for some of our students who typically struggle, to shine, lead and be proud of themselves. Having her here has been such a blessing! Congratulations to our March GEM, Amber Jones!
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Amalia Patterson - Our January GEM!

Congratulations to Amalia Patterson!
Amalia is en excellent example of how building strong relationships with students makes a BIG difference. She actively advocates for her student and their needs, and is a true team player not only on her team but on our campus. Thank you Amalia for your dedication to your students and our campus! We appreciate you!
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Alvicia Longoria - Our November GEM of Appreciation!

We are proud to announce Shady Grove's newest GEM, Alvicia Longoria. Alvicia is a valued member of our PPCD team. Her experience and knowledge in the PPCD classroom continues to provide our littlest learners with quality support and guidance. Her coworkers say that they are thankful for her positive energy and solid example. Congratulations Alvicia!
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Terri Herrin - Our September GEM of Appreciation!

Congratulations to Terri Herrin for being nominated as Shady Grove Elementary's September GEM! Terri's positive, proactive approach to the needs of her students and her new team members has been contagious this year. At every obstacle and/or new challenge, she has come to the table with a "can-do" approach and ideas to implement. What a great start for our new school year at Shady Grove!
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Ms. Imelda Ramirez - March GEM Award!

Shady Grove Elementary is proud to announce our March Gem of Appreciation, Ms. Imelda Ramirez! Imelda has been such a fabulous addition to SGE! She takes initiative, has strong communication skills with students, parents and staff, and she always has a positive attitude with a smile on her face no matter the situation. She takes initiative in all that she does. Imelda has made a great connections with our students and they have responded to her well. It is evident that she has a big heart for kids. There are so many here at Shady Grove who have expressed how they love working with her. Congratulations Imelda!
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Mrs. Cunningham - January GEM of Appreciation!

Shady Grove Elementary is proud to announce our January Gem of Appreciation, Mrs. Barbie Cunningham! Barbie has been the perfect addition to our team at SGE. She has shown incredible initiative and dedication to not only her Pre-K students, but to her team and our campus. It feels like she has always been a part of the SGE family. She collaborates with her team, shares her thoughts, and always goes above and beyond. She is caring and consistent with all her students. She is a fantastic asset to SGE and an incredible educator! Congratulations, Barbie Cunningham!
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Mrs. Johnson - Our November GEM of Appreciation!

Melissa is our school counselor and so much more. "She always goes the extra mile by doing lots of behind the scenes work!" She does everything from serving as a SST coordinator, to whole group and individual counseling lessons, as well as being the official SGE school decorator! She definitely brightens the place up while keeping us all organized! She is loved by students, staff, and parents. Congratulations Melissa Johnson!
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Mrs. Kelly- Our September Gem of Appreciation!

SGE is proud to announce Jessica Kelly as our September Gem of Appreciation. Mrs. Kelly is an amazing team leader that goes above and beyond the call of duty to support her team and her students. She doesn't hesitate to help in anyway she can in order to support her fellow teachers and her students. She is admired by her team for her hard work and her dedication that she pours into being a teacher, co-worker, and friend. Congratulations to Mrs. Kelly! Thank you for all you do!
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