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Physical Education

My name is Kelly Yarborough, and I am the Physical Education Teacher at Shady Grove Elementary School. This year will be my eighth year as a P.E. teacher and my second year at SGE. I am very excited about the upcoming school year. We will be learning so much and having fun while doing it! 



  • Please have your child wear tennis shoes on days they will be participating in P.E days. PreK will have P.E. every day of the week. All other grade levels will have P.E. every other day.
  • Contact front office and nurse if there are any health concerns. 
  • All students are expected to participate in the physical education class unless we receive a written note or email stating otherwise. 


Please feel free to contact me by email at [email protected] anytime or call the school at 512-756-2126 during my conference times (7:45am-8:25am).  



Grading Policies and PE Expectations

  1. Wait in line at the gym door and wait for your PE teacher to direct you.
  2. Be prepared with proper rubber sole tennis shoes (no sandals, slip-ons, boots, flip flops, crocs or high heels). Feel free to include them in your child(s) backpack if they would prefer to wear another option to school. If your child is wearing a skirt or dress, please be mindful of movement during the day and incorporate shorts underneath.
  3. Demonstrate good sportsmanship and a positive attitude at all times.
  4. Safety first! Follow all safety rules. 
  5. Stop, Look, and Listen on the signal.
  6. Use bathroom and water passes during activity time to use the restroom or get a drink.
  7. Bring a note from your parent/guardian, nurse, or doctor if you cannot participate.
  8. Wait for your PE teacher to give you directions to line up.
  9. Work hard!
  10. Have fun!

In the event a student is violating the classroom and school expectations, they will be provided with a verbal warning first. Then asked to sit out in our penalty box "hockey term". The student will sit out of the activity for a certain amount of time until they can verbalize to me how they will come back to activity ready to participate appropriately. If the behavior continues, a note will be sent home with the student for the parent/guardian to sign. Please review the form with your child and return the signed document. Serious behaviors will result in an office referral.


Grading Policies

I strive to create an environment where students learn about health and fitness, but also take responsibility for their learning and actions. Students come to PE 2-3 times a week. Each week, students will start our with a 100 (E). If students fail to participate, fail to follow expectations or are disrespectful towards other classmates/teachers, students will have points deducted. The deductions are as follows: 

                 -No Participation

                 -Not following expectations

                 -Disrespectful towards other classmates and teachers


With each deduction, the grade will be lowered to S, N, or U. 


Students will get a grade each week. At the end of the six weeks, grades will be averaged to display grades as Excellent (E), Satisfactory (S), Needs Improvement (N), or Unsatisfactory (U).