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Physical Education » Physical Education

Physical Education

During the next 6-weeks we will be focusing on:
Types of aerobic exercise--
How to find pulse rate
Identify how regular physical activity strengthens the heart, lungs, and muscles
Review overhand throws, underhand throws, and throwing to a target
Review catching with two hands
Review how to use equipment and space safely and properly
Continue to work on developing game strategies and ways to be a good sport
PE Expectations:
BE Safe

Act safely

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

Move carefully

BE Respectful

Follow directions the first time

Treat your teacher/ classmates/ equipment the way you like to be treated.

BE Responsible

Be prepared and be positive.

Stay on task

Be cooperative

Wear gym shoes and appropriate clothing.



Consequences to the violation of the rules:

A violation of the above rules the student receives an "S", a warning. A second violation receives an "I" and the third warrants a "T". SIT. The student will sit out of activity a certain amount of time until they can verbalize to me how they will come back to activity ready to participate appropriately.  This starts over the next PE class. If constant rule breaking continues class after class, a note goes home with the student for the parent to sign. The parents are asked to review with the student the rules, sign the sheet and bring back to class. Serious behaviors

 result in an office referral.