Shady Grove Elementary

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5th six Weeks


Language Arts -


Recognizes Compound words

Identify Beginning, Middle and End of a story

Connects to reading: Text to text and Text to Self

Understands the Writing Process: Think, Plan, Draft, Edit, Revise, Publish

Read 25 high-frequency words


Math -

2-D Shapes

3-d Shapes


Addition and Subtraction to 10

Counting to 100


Social Studies -

National Holidays - President's Day

Texas - Symbols, Texas Independence Day, and Famous Texas Leaders


Bodies of Water

Natural Resources


Science -

Living/Non-living Things

Basic Needs of Animals and Plants

Spring - Characteristics of Spring

Plants - Basic Needs, Life Cycle, Parts of a Plant

February Events: Please remember to Read every night!



2/20-23 "No NAME CALLING" week at SGE

2/22 SGE McTeacher Night @ McDonalds: 4pm-7pm

2/26-3/1 Book Fair

2/27 Math and Science Night 6pm-7pm (come and go)